Book Review: 宇宙图集

The 宇宙 is such a very big place. A seemingly non-stop cavalcade of discoveries pushes its dimensions ever further. At the same time, these new findings fill this enlarging region with new colours and images. Patrick Moore in his book, ‘宇宙图集’带给读者这个空间的许多奇观’s view. The 宇宙 is big but this book makes it all very manageable.


鉴于这本书’的标题包括单词‘universe’, there’s the expectation for a broad coverage. However, this is not faithfully upheld. The book does cover most of what we know of the 宇宙, but more than half of it is solely on our solar system. The relief maps of the main planets and Earth’月亮很有趣。除此之外,还有’每张地图上都有很多信息。例如,出现了大气,板块构造和岩心成分的典型行星描述。包括望远镜,探测器和相关历史在内,这本书确实试图覆盖所有基础,因此失去了一些地图集的意义。

对于我们太阳系之外的主题也采用了相同的广泛方法。那里’描述,一些背景信息以及一些相关性。本书很少涉及技术细节。另外,除了提到诸如泛精子症之类的替代性想法外,几乎没有提及当今正在解决的问题。因此,当年轻人开始质疑时,这本书是相对安全的信息来源,‘What’s out there?”. Yet, given the size of the 宇宙, this extra-solar part of the book seems a bit thin.


One slight misgiving with this book is the almost obvious nature of the upgrades. For example, Viking is still called the best probe to have viewed Mars, even though there is a page on the Spirit and Opportunity probes. Further, there are instructions on using fast film for cameras, when these days most people have or are converting to digital. Because of contents like these, there is a slight amount of disjointedness which needs a good brush-up 通过 an editor. Other than this, the book is a veritable treasure of information and pictures suitable for the young and uninitiated who want to learn more of the 宇宙 in which Earth travels.

The 宇宙 is daunting. It goes from here to everywhere. A good guide is handy for anyone who wants to journey out. Patrick Moore in his book, 宇宙图集 提供了一个极好的指导。有了丰富的图片和周到的词组,任何人都可以使用这本书来帮助他们从行星上飞到他们的视线之外。


马克·莫蒂默(Mark Mortimer)评论